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A small base of empirical literature aimed at cross-curricular argumentat The School of Historical Studies is, with 35 full-time members of staff, including 11 Professors as ofone of the largest of any university in the country.

It shields the Earth from space weather and understanding what affects its location is vital as we become more dependent on ground- air- and space-based technologies.

A sensor node can be subject to many constraints including limited power, low processing and sensing capabilities, small memory, small bandwidth, and low communication range.

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Yuan, Haige See Dopamine is one of the major neurotransmitters in the mammalian brain and changes in its concentration have been associated with schizophrenia. The most frequently isolated strain associated with disease in the UK is the genogroup B strain MC In the fluid political environment, the past presents an excellent opportunity: This allows scientists for the first time to be able to compare measurements of the conditions in the solar wind upstream of Saturn using Cassini magnetometer and other plasma instrumentsand compare them to how the aurora appear simultaneously using HST ultraviolet cameras.

A large number of genetic loci have been associated with risk of coronary artery disease CAD through genome-wide association studies, however, for most loci the underlying biological mechanism is unknown.

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Multiple sclerosis commonly presents Jambi, Layal See Sustained competitive responses are required by firms that must prosper in dynamic business environments. They inherit the desirable properties of Gaussian process regression, and can naturally accommodate both scalar and functional variables as the predictors, as well as easy to obtain and express uncert Practical results from advanced thinking".

In the River Soar, Leicestershire, 12 different parasite species belonging to various tax Kurdoglu, Rasim Serdar See This thesis aims to develop an understanding about swelling and disintegration of multi-component polymeric structures such as pharmaceutical tablets.

See Over recent years, in the field of nuclear medicine, advances in the development of small field of view SFOV gamma cameras have been increased.

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Investigating the Phenomenon of Missing People through Short Stories and Flash Fiction See This PhD submission is composed of a collection of short stories and an accompanying critical commentary, focusing on the theme of missing people. Loss of interfacial equilibrium resulted in an extended solute solubility with significant undercooling due to nucleation constraints, leading to unexpected phases.

Determining the molecular pathways and cellular processes affected by these loci will provide new insights into CAD pathophysiology and may lead to new therapies.

The study subsequently introduces a new u The thesis presents a model for the diffusion-driven water uptake, swelling deformation and subsequent disintegration of polymer matrix drug-delivery devices.

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Appleton, Damien See Neisseria meningitidis is one of the main causes of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia but colonizes the upper respiratory tract of humans asymptomatically as a normal commensal. Opa proteins are expressed on the outer surface of meningococcal cells playing an important role in the pathogenicity by mediating the adhesion to and invasion of human Hygroscopic swelling occurs when a dry tablet enters a humid environment and absorbs water molecules.

Travers, Rosie See Introduction: The modification of tablet structures changes the release profile of the drug in the Alabdullah, Sahar Samir Mohammed See Processing sulfur containing minerals is one of the biggest sources of acute anthropogenic pollution particularly in the form of acid mine drainage.

The main aims were to: Athina Karatzogianni proposes a new framework for analyzing this new phenomenon, which distinguishes between two types of cyberconflict, ethnoreligious and sociopolitical, and uses theories of conflict, social movement and the media.

At the end of the days, the students predicted that just humans would remain alive and without infection. Graeme BarkerFBA. Recent advances in immunotherapy which target the PD-L1 immune checkpoint promise great improvements in outcomes for some patients.

E See This study offers a new theoretical view of organizational justice and empirically applies it to study the fairness of career advancement decisions in organizations. Two small subunits, PBP1 and PBP2, associate with distinct surfaces of the larger catalytic subunit and influence the enzymatic propertiThe Leicester Research Archive (LRA) is the University of Leicester's open access repository service.

It contains most theses produced by PhD students at Leicester sinceand some older ones, as well as other research publications. The University of Leicester was founded in as Leicestershire and Rutland University College.

The site for the College was donated by a local textile manufacturer, Thomas Fielding Johnson, in order to create a living memorial for those who lost their lives in First World War.

University of Leicester theses and Masters' dissertations Theses Nearly all doctoral theses produced by Leicester students, starting with our first award inare now available on.

Content partners for PQDT Global include University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Cardiff, University of Leicester, University of Aberdeen, University of Bath and University of Valencia. Leicester Research Archive University of Leicester Theses: [] Community home page This is the collection of University of Leicester theses from all departments that are mounted on the LRA.

News and events archive - International accolade for research in planetary science. A University of Leicester physicist has carried off a prestigious international prize for her research in planetary science.

she was awarded the Royal Astronomical Society's prize for 'Best thesis in Geophysics' for

University of leicester thesis archive
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